Sunday, October 30, 2011

One Year Ago (Part 5)

"The LORD is faithful to all His promises and loving toward all He has made"
(Psalm 145:13).

This summer, we had the privilege of spending a day with friends whom we met in Ethiopia. It was so great to talk, share experiences, and see how much the girls have grown!! We had a great day with them in Ontario and we had a great day with them in Ethiopia- one year ago!
One year ago today... what a glorious day... waking up with our baby girl!! We had a great day that day.
Here's what I wrote, one year ago:

"In the morning, we played cards, watched Penguins of Madagascar, and Paul and Trish went to the Internet Cafe. After lunch (mugs of soup), we were off to the Sheraton. WOW, it was like walking into a different land. We almost felt guilty, but we LOVED hanging out by the pool (especially after a tough day and night with the culture shock).

The pool was gorgeous (a bit expensive, but we enjoyed it)! The pools were VERY warm. Jesse and Nicole loved the pools and the little slide. They swam and swam for hours. Deborah had a nap with Paul, and then she did lots of swimming too. She LOVES the water.

We met a lovely couple from the US (adopting too) and we hung out with Janice, Thomas, and Mimi later in the afternoon. The girls both loved it in the water and us adults loved hanging out too- so much to talk about!!

We stayed at the Sheraton for a buffet dinner (also rather expensive). Nicole ate about 5 apples!! We said our good- byes to Janice, Thomas, and Mimi. Our taxi driver (whom we love) drove us back for the night to the Weygoss."


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Heather said...

I remember these pictures so well. It IS like it was yesterday. It's so fun to see the difference between the older photos and now, even with your friend's daughter. What an amazing blessing!