Monday, November 30, 2015

One Thousand Gifts (continued)

"I sought the LORD, and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears" 
(Psalm 34:4).

I don't know where the tears came from.
They just started coming.
It started off as a few sniffles, then it turned into sobbing.

I don't know what caused it.  We had just met our son, and it was AWESOME!!  We were able to spend time with him, play with him, and learn about his fun, loving personality.  We learned how affectionate he is.  We learned how he loves to sit on our laps and play with cars.  We learned how he loves to smile and have fun.  We learned how he's a typical four year old who isn't very happy when he doesn't get his way!  We learned how determined he is.  Our hearts were filled with joy and love for our precious little boy.

Then where did the tears come from?

Perhaps it was...
the crazy driving that made me car sick and nauseous
or, the exhausts and all the fumes
or, the worry of our children back home and the longing to see them again
or, the reality of our son's special needs
or, the crowdedness
or, perhaps it was...


God promises to "deliver us from all our fears".
We need to seek Him and He will answer us.

We were reminded yesterday in church that we have a Great High Priest.  Through the gift of the cross, He has given us complete access to a heavenly Father who is eager for us to seek Him.  He is a God who sympathizes with us, and who is always there for us.  He is our refuge, and our strength.  With total access to our loving God, we can seek Him, and He will deliver us from all fears.  Being reminded of this helps me to remember that I need to have complete trust in my loving Father who holds all things in His hands.  

"When I am afraid, I will trust in you" (Psalm 56:3)

I am happy to be home and be reunited with our children, but now I'm feeling homesick for Ethiopia.

Perhaps it is because...

we had to leave our son behind

or the warm, climate

or the wonderful friends we have made

or how hospitable and loving all the people are

or the beautiful sunsets behind the mountains

Whatever the circumstances may be, I will try to be content in all circumstances, giving thanks to my heavenly Father above for all things, and I will try to continue to trust in Him, knowing that He is love and perfect love drives out fear (1 John 4:18)

Continuing to give thanks...

-being reunited with old friends and spending some time with them
-sharing stories and enjoying her hospitality
-the gift of her newborn baby girl

-making new friends and making lots of awesome memories
-his treat of yummy tea (and coffee for him and Paul)
-an amazing experience, participating with 40 000 people giving to a great cause in the Great Ethiopian Run

-crazy, fun!
-how our friend was willing to run with us 

-completing the 10km run (or shall I say walk, because of how many people there were!!)

-God's answer to our prayer- going to the orphanage to meet our son at last!
-how Paul's heart was bursting as he ran into his arms the moment we set foot in the orphanage

-how much love he has 
-his smiles that light up a room and make our hearts overflow

-the privilege of spending three mornings with him and learning about his fun, loving personality
-like father, like son

-his creativity as he used his hat for a baseball glove to catch the ball

-his incredible athletic abilities as he has a super strong left arm!!

-the blessing of spending time with our son and feeding him his lunch

-finding different ways to play with his new ball (rather than throwing it indoors)!

-how he was so wiling to share his new hat with me

-how they enjoyed the food donations from the Gleaners

-enjoying time together on our balcony every day

-safety on the roads (with no stop signs or stop lights)
-our fun, taxi memories and adventures (Paul's door flying open, for example)

-memories of the city

-talented individuals who make such beautiful handmade products
-shopping and how patient the guys were during my shopping excursions

-sun, every day!!

-so many answers to prayer, such as us passing court!!

-celebrating (with a delicious banana milkshake) that Seber is officially our son!

-street memories

-our travel guide, interpreter, and friend who took us to some interesting places and helped us make such awesome memories

-learning some very interesting Ethiopian history

-beautiful architecture

-beautiful stained glass windows depicting various biblical stories

-beautiful flowering trees

-trying to get a taste of home
-fun memories and giving thanks that we had our friend, Surafel with us to interpret the Canadian menu to our Ethiopian waiter!

-enjoying yummy breakfasts together

-meeting an amazing woman who started "Carry 117"

-Carry 117, (based on Isaiah 1:17) which helps empower individuals and release them from poverty buy making beautiful, unique carrying bags/purses, etc.
-how God placed it on our hearts to visit Korah, the city dump, home to over 100 000 individuals
-the gifts and talents, and the opportunity given to those who work for Carry 117

-our travelling adventures and the many amazing memories that we made

-safety in our travels (can't wait to travel again, to see our friends again, and to bring our son home)!!