Monday, May 18, 2015

One Thousand Gifts (continued)

"Be still, and know that I am God... (Psalm 46:10)

It was in the stillness that I heard Him speaking to me.

It was in the calm from the storm, that I was reminded of His presence.  

I know that He is with me all the time, and that He speaks to me through many different ways, but it was while I sat on a rock, looking at this magnificent sunset, crying out to God, that He spoke to me. 

It was a rough couple of past days and a particularly difficult evening with our daughter.  I again asked God, rather than "Why", "What is it that you, God are trying to teach me?"  There was a sense of calmness and peace as He laid one word on my heart, SURRENDER. 

I have been trying to surrender my life to God, but I suppose I needed to be reminded of this once again.  I am trying to learn more what it truly means to surrender to God with my whole heart and all of my life.

S- Submit, or yield to God, His authority, His will, and His plan for my life
U- ultimately surrendering my life, my all
R- relinquishing my control and giving that all to God
R-"rest easy now that I've put it into God's hands" (Jeff and Sheri Easter)
E- experiencing freedom 
N- never stop trusting in God's plan
D- doubt-free knowing that everything is in God's hands
E- everything is in His control
R- right now, not later, but right now!

I am so thankful for the stillness and for the chaos.  However, I am very thankful that it was in the stillness that He spoke to me.  Thank-you, Lord for the reminder to SURRENDER.

Continuing to give thanks...

-"playing" the piano and singing "They will know we are Christians by our love"!!  
-for the songs she learns at school from her awesome JK teacher

-my helper on her stay home days

-how they make themselves so at home and find such random places to lay down

-finding time in his crazy, busy schedule for dinner to celebrate his birthday

-enjoying our new pool, even though it was freezing cold!!
-enjoying the beautiful, warm weather
-enjoying the long weekend together as a family
-campfires, and roasting hot dogs!

Monday, May 11, 2015

One Thousand Gifts (continued)

 '''Grace and peace to you from god our Father and the LORD Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for our sins to rescue us from the present evil age, according to thew will of our God and Father, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen" (Galatians 1:3-5). 

I was a bit moved to tears as I was watching a video about the 70 years of liberation.  It may have been because my mom and dad lived through the war and were there when the Canadians liberated the Netherlands.  Or, it may have been because of what the former mayor of Apeldoorn once said. When asked why the Dutch have never forgotten the Canadians, he said that you have to have been occupied to appreciate what freedom really means, and when you do, you never forget who gave it to you.  What a beautiful analogy of what Christ did for me.  He is my liberator!  He gave me my freedom through the blood on the cross and I don't want to ever forget that!

Continuing to give thanks...
-the liberation of the Netherlands
-the many soldiers who fought (and fight) for freedom
-our freedom and the price that has been paid because of what Christ has done for us
-celebrating Mother's Day

-how she hid her Mother's Day poem she she came home from school (and remembered to give it to me on Sunday!)
-remembering her birth mom and the gratitude that we have for her for making an adoption plan 
-that God chose her to be a member of our family

-his creative art work (that he whipped up before breakfast)

-being SO BLESSED to being the Mom to these precious children
-that God entrusted these precious children into my care
-receiving new pictures of our precious son (whom we can't wait to bring home)
-getting an almost decent picture of the four of them- and that's good enough for me!

-celebrating these awesome Moms
-the love and care that my mom lavishes on us
-how she is always so willing to help out with things
-her strong faith and the godly example that she is to all of us
-my mother-in-law's strong faith and her godly example and the joy that she brings to whomever she meets
-how he dives right into his activities and leaves the evidence everywhere

 -attending the Spring Arts concert and the various gifts and talents that were displayed
 -how her learning reflects her keen interest in her brother and sister's birth country

 -enjoying the warm weather

 -having fun with her brother and her friend

 -enjoying his first year of high school soccer

 -winning the gold medal in the Christian school tournament

 -using their creativity on the driveway

 -one of her favourite puzzles, reminding us that God loves us all!

 -how she patiently waited for her friend at the park and how much fun they have together

-his first attempt at cutting the grass and the wonderful job that he did
-his first paying job (from a neighbour), other than the greenhouse

 -how she loves Daddy's rental truck
-enjoying date nights with Paul, which in May means going on deliveries at night with him!

 -spring rush!
 -workers who are willing to stay late on a Friday night (which involves pizza for dinner)!

 -how she plays hard!
 -how we all love our crazy cat

 -enjoying a bike ride and throwing rocks in the river

 -enjoying craft time at the OEYC

 -how her aunt gives her dresses from the Thrift store, because she knows how much she loves wearing them!

 -how they are learning about God's beauty in everything and in every subject!

 -being part of an awesome Christian school community