Saturday, October 29, 2011

One Year Ago (Part 4) - Gotcha Day!!

"See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands"
(Isaiah 49:16).

Gotcha Day!!!

The day we waited so long for!!! Today we celebrated that momentous occasion. It was a very exciting day, but also a very emotional day. We finally were going to bring home the baby girl that God had chosen for our family, whom He has "engraved on the palms of His hands"!!

October 29, 2010's journal entry:

"After a great sleep by 3 of us (not Paul and Trish), we ate breakfast downstairs (pancakes and eggs). Solomon picked us up and we went to the bank, and then the grocery store to get supplies for Deborah. At the transition home, we received Deborah's medical information and some milestones/achievements. We gave some donations to the nurse, received Deborah's toys that we sent earlier in the spring, and said our good-byes. It was very sad to say good-bye; it was hard for her nurse, but she was very strong.

Deborah loved the van ride. Driving around town is not always the greatest though, because of all the poverty. We especially didn't like the fight that we saw on the side of the road. Deborah fell asleep and had a good nap in my arms while Jesse and Nicole played Phase 10 with Trish and Paul went out to an Internet Cafe.

After lunch, we picked up Janice and Thomas (and little Mimi) Ottawa and Solomon took us to the top of the Entoto Mountain. It was awful to see the women carrying sticks on their backs and to see the children swarming by our van and fighting (literally) when handed out things to them (not a good idea).

Shopping at the market at the bottom of the mountain was a bit overwhelming. Jesse was feeling sick (was very pale) as he was experiencing culture shock again. We went to a different market, and bought lots of souvenirs (dresses, shirts, flags, basket, bowls, scarves, jewelery, giraffe, etc.). The lady who sold my shirt to me was super nice- she sold the shirts right off her back to Janice and myself!!

Solomon dropped us off around dinner time, and we ordered from Ice Blue. After dinner, Solomon took us and Janice and Thomas (and Mimi) to an Ethiopian traditional cultural dinner and show. Jesse wasn't having too much fun, and he was super tired. It was so nice to eat/hang out with Thomas and Janice.

Today was a very busy, full, emotional filled day. Picking up Deborah was unforgettable. Driving through the streets was difficult. The view of the city from the mountain was beautiful. Shopping was exciting, Deborah ate well, slept well and was very happy. This was the day we waited so long for, and it was a GREAT day!

Where we ate: breakfast at the Weygoss, lunch- mug of soup, take out from Ice Blue, and traditional Ethiopian restaurant

Favourite Memories: bringing Deborah home and her falling asleep in my arms!!!; Nicole: shopping- buying my dress and getting Deborah; Jesse: getting Deborah; Paul: picking up our baby!"

-Deborah- not so happy to leave her nurse

-enjoying the drive in the van

-typical past time

-Ethiopian traffic jam

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elsie hiebert said...

Thanks for posting these pictures. It makes me actually miss Ethiopia.