Monday, January 28, 2013

One Thousand Gifts (Continued)

Broken and Beautiful
by:  Mark Shultz

There's a businessman 
There's a widowed wife 
There's a smiling face with a shattered life 
There's a teenage girl with a choice tomake I
t's crowded here in church today 
 And the preacher says as the sermon ends 
Please close your eyes and bow your heads 
Is there anyone in need of prayer 
Jesus wants to meet you here 'cause we all fall short 
We all have sinned 
But when you let God's Grace break in… 

It's beautiful Beautiful 
Come as you are 
Surrender your heart 
Broken and beautiful 

Well he'd never been to church before
 But he came today as a last resort 
His world was crashing in 
And he was suffocating in his sin 
 But tears ran down 
As hope rushed in 
He closed his eyes 
Raised his hands 
Worshiping the God who can 
Bring him back to life again 


 Cause there's nothing more beautiful to God
 Than when his sons and daughters come 
Broken Alleluia Alleluia 
Come as you are Alleluia Alleluia
 Come as you are 

 Alleluia Alleluia
 Come as you are (Come as you are) 
Surrender your heart Broken and beautiful
 Alleluia Alleluia
 Come as you are (Come as you are) 
Surrender your heart 
Broken and beautiful 

 More lyrics: http://www.lyricsmania.com/broken_beautiful_lyrics_mark_schultz.html All about Mark Schultz: http://www.musictory.com/music/Mark+Schultz

Yes, "we all fall short; we all have sinned, but when you let God's grace break in, it's beautiful!!" When I am feeling down, I am encouraged that even though I am broken, I am still beautiful to Christ.  I am thankful for the reminder that we can always come to Him as we are.  I am so thankful for God's grace and that He opens His arms to us as we are: broken and beautiful.

Continuing to give thanks...

#3261- #3302

-God's grace
-God's peace
-His acceptance
-healing and restoration
-friends working together on a project
-one on one time (eating Jelly Bellies) with my son

-his calm, controlled attitude
-his love for sports

-supporting four grandkids at an all day school hockey tournament

-enjoying the ice while we can

-the best way to celebrate a SNOW DAY!!

-eating breakfast outside everyday

-enthusiastic golfers

-competing and enjoying a 5km race, even while on holidays

-employees who make enjoy their job and make things fun for others (the "Mad Tapper")

-palm trees

-a beautiful view while eating dinner

-an endless supply of delicious fresh bread

-living the "dream"!
-enhancing his origami skills (moving on to towel origami)
-many fun, various activities to choose from

-yummy desserts
-his shirt that just makes me smile

-making many fun family memories

-beautiful weather, beautiful beaches

-vibrant colours and gorgeous views

-enjoying all the fun activities

-soft, squishy sand

-creating memories that will last a lifetime

-her love for life

-how she loves to try new things
-swimming and dancing with the dolphins
-beautiful, intelligent creatures

-rest and relaxation

-overcoming another fear

-how rock, paper, scissors can solve almost anything!  (Jesse had to go down first)

-having fun with the kids (yes, they were in there with me)

-getting together with friends

-kids at heart

-all sharing the excitement of Legoland

-how a bucket of popcorn can make him so happy!

-a very fun filled day with family and dear friends that we are so blessed to have in our lives

Friday, January 11, 2013

Birthday Girls

"With you, [O LORD,] is the fountain of life; in you light we see light" (Psalm 36:9)

Last month, in addition to celebrating the most important birthday (the birth of Christ), we also celebrated 3 birthdays in our family.

I am truly grateful for the life of our daughter, Nicole as she turned 11.  She has such a giving heart, she is friendly to everyone, and she loves to smile.  She brings much joy to our lives, and I thank God for entrusting her to us.

My mother-in- law turned 75 last month.  She too has such a giving heart.  She is always optimistic, she treasures her family, and she is a Godly example to us all.  I feel blessed to call her "Mom".

I'm a so thankful for the life that God has given me.  I am blessed with good health and an amazing family.  I look forward to entering a new decade in my life.

Monday, January 7, 2013

One Thousand Gifts (Continued)

"He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed. They were glad when it grew calm, and he guided them to their desired haven" (Psalm 107:29-30).

 I read these verses this morning in my e-mail from Compassion Canada. They brought such a calming spirit over me. After this very busy season of family gatherings, a wedding, hosting parties, birthday parties, etc. etc. and feeling a bit low, overwhelmed, and rather grumpy, I could feel God's presence as I read these words. I am truly grateful for His presence, His Word, and His promises that He stills the storms and hushes the waves.

 Continuing to give thanks...
-God's healing presence
-celebrating Christ's birth
-celebrating Christ's birth with friends and family
-beautiful services

-a surprise visit from The Netherlands!
-sisters spending time together
-fabulous hosts and secret keepers

-a fun loving aunt and uncle
-a fun loving cousin and a beautiful bride
-a special gift from Holland
-embracing our heritage

-lighting up the lights on Niagara Falls
-enjoying the lights at Niagara Falls
-a fun day out with family and special guests from Holland

-health and physical ability to enjoy outdoor activities


-how she reads stories to her baby

-family jeopardy
-our awesome game show host

-Dutch cheese
-celebrating Christmas with family and great loving parents

-the gift of new friends and the gift from a friend

-family Christmas and lots of smiles!!!

-falling asleep with the cat after a long busy day (lots of skating)

-her confidence in performing
-her talented, patient teacher