Monday, November 1, 2010

Visiting day

Today we went on a visit with Compassion International to see the little boy we have sponsored for a few years. Biruk is the same age as Jesse, and they had a great time together. We even brought him a mini stick set, so maybe he will be on the Ethiopian Olympic hockey team in a few years! What a blessing today was, we were moved by this visit to some very wonderful people. Compassion is a great organization, doing amazing things in the name of Christ. If you are not sponsoring a child already, please consider it, it will open your eyes and heart to helping the needs of others.

Anna usually closes with a text, I will close with this poster that was hanging in Biruks kitchen/living room:
"I asked Jesus how much He loved me, and He answered by stretching out His arms and dying on the cross for me."

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Heather said...

Can't wait to see this picture and more! (It's not showing up for me). Enjoy your time and don't forget even one detail! :)

Tracy Crewson said...

What an amazing opportunity for you to visit your sponsored child! Compassion is a fabulous organization, we agree!
Did Paul buy some ear plugs yet?! :)