Monday, September 27, 2010

One Thousand Gifts (Continued)

"Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice"! (Philippians 4:4)
-one of the verses the pastor preached about yesterday

My list of thanks continues...


-a melody of colours

-gorgeous scenic views

-excitment to climb the tower
-making it to the top of the tower
-deliverance from one of Curtis' fears

-making new friends

-playground fun

-playing Yatzee by the campfire
-a fabulous weekend camping as a family
-Nicole's deep, spiritual analogies
-a whole weekend of playtime together as siblings
-heat in the trailer
-nice lunch date with my niece
-school meetings
-parent volunteers
-Terry Fox run
-our home (always good to come back home)
-being blessed by visiting another church
-Nicole's deep, spiritual analogies (so inspiring)

holy experience

Monday, September 20, 2010

One Thousand Gifts (Continued)

"In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation" (Psalm 5:3).

No Visa today- we must keep waiting, yet the sun always shines through the clouds. And so my list of thanks continues...


-albums to preserve family memories

-scrap book retreat (in my basement)!

-hanging around with my boys

-canopy of trees

-delicate design of tree roots


-scenic views

-smell of sunscreen in the fall
-relaxing in the sun
-a new job for my brother
-friend expecting a baby!
-skipping while waiting for the bus
-tea with my mom
-long drive with a friend (great time to fellowship)
-Friday night pizza at friend's
-lessons in patience

holy experience

Visa?? Come Visa, Come!

Come, Visa, come.
I dreamt all night that Deborah's Visa came in today!
Jesse's pretty confident too.
Come, Visa, come.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Glass of Water

"...rather, serve one another in love" (Galatians 5:13b).
"Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ" (Ephesians 5:21).

It may seem simple to others, but it's not to me.
It's a simple act, but it's still an act of serving.
Every night, he faithfully offers and brings me a glass of cold water. It's a gesture that I often take for granted, even though I truly appreciate it.

One of the most difficult things to do in a marriage is to put the other person's needs before our own. It's all about "my time", or how he/she has hurt "me". God calls us to serve one another in love (even when we don't feel like it).

I pray that I can be less selfish in my marriage and in all my relationships and I am thankful for my glass of water every night!

Monday, September 13, 2010

One Thousand Gifts (Continued)

"We have not stopped praying for you and asking God to fill you with the knowledge of His will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding" (Colossians 1:9).

No Visa today, however...we have been truly blessed by the support and prayers from our loved ones. We have been uplifted by your prayers and we know that God hears them all. And so my list of thanks continues...


-a loving and encouraging congregation
-prayers from our pastor and our congregation

-an appreciation (thanks in part to his science teacher) to God for creating the tiny organisms in stinky pond water
-excitement in discovering the tiny organisms in the stinking pond water, or "the AWESOME stinky water" as he calls it

-the trees in the forest

-Ontario grown lettuce in our back fields (not ours though)

-a fun day of golfing (and Paul winning closest to the line contest)

-countless laughs while golfing (and qualifying for the woman's longest drive contest)
-many funny moments and good times golfing with my sister and brother in law
-a successful golf fundraiser for the Christian High School
-many volunteers (even those who do not have children in the school any more- my awesome sister in law) who helped make the tournament successful and prepared delicious food
-smell of bacon
-coffee (tea) with friends
-dessert social at school
-new teachers and not new teachers!
-son wanting to bring chapter books on the bus to read
-inspiring words at our opening assembly
-a season of beginning activities
-laundry flapping in the wind
-hiking in the forest
-biking to the park
-father-son time
-thoughtful nieces sending e-mails and sending up prayers- love you guys!

holy experience

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy New Year, Deborah!

Happy New Year, Deborah! We wish we were there celebrating with you (or here at home)! Next year, baby. We love you and can't wait to bring you home.

"Enkutatash is the word for the Ethiopian new year in Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia, while it is called Ri'se Awde Amet (Head Anniversary) in Ge'ez, the term preferred by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. It occurs on September 11 in the Gregorian calendar, except for leap years, when it occurs on September 12." (from Wikipedia)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pregnant Without a Due Date

I wish I felt as cheery as she looks! Being pregnant without a due date is what our adoption feels like.
Yes, we're still adopting.
No, we have not traveled yet.
No, we have not heard anything yet.
No, she will not be Caucasian.
No, we do not have a travel date.
Yes, we're still here.

Those are some of the answers I've been giving out to those who are concerned/interested/love us. I know they mean well, and it is truly appreciated but I wish I didn't have to keep saying the same thing over because I wish we were in Africa right now, or better yet, home with our baby girl. I remember being 10 days overdue with Curtis, but I knew he'd come out eventually. With our adoption, there are so many unknowns - specifically in regards to dates. I don't know if this is wrong for feeling this way, but I think I really need to get away from everyone/everything for a few days. Maybe we'll go camping next week?!

I pray that God will forgive me for my lack of patience. I pray that He will forgive me for my bitterness, grumpiness, etc. I pray that I will put my trust in Him and His good timing. Forgive me Lord, for failing to do that over and over again.

"Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. They say of the LORD, 'He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust'"
(Psalm 91:1-2 TNIV).

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mixed Emotions

"You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everybody. You show that you are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts"
(2 Corinthians 3:2,3).

This is the theme of our school this year. The principal presented it well in our opening assembly this morning. He explained how we get to know things and people from reading letters about them. This analogy can be used to explain how others will learn and get to know God through us, as we ourselves are letters. It's my prayer that my children, myself, and the school will be able to let their lights shine for Christ and that as the Holy Spirit writes on our hearts, we may glorify Christ and others will see Him living in us.

It was hard to be positive and energetic this morning, as I always have mixed emotions about starting school. We had such a great summer together, but now it's time for more schedules and routines. We had a very early start this morning- they were ready!

I know that God is watching over them all day at school, on the bus, or outside; they are in good hands.

- the first one ready and out the door!

-a bit nervous about something new (starting grade one), but he loves school nonetheless!

-a decieving look of sadness

-that's more like it!

-not sure why they're looking in different directions- the bus has come the same way for the past 7 years

-off they go -out of sight, but always in my thoughts!

Monday, September 6, 2010

"[God] has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end" (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

Tomorrow school starts.

As I look back at the summer, so many fond memories come to mind and I am overwhelmed with gratitude to the Lord who "has made everything beautiful..."

and so my list of thanks continues...


-three WONDERFUL children with whom I have had such fun times this summer!

-rides/slides -fun family times

-CNE -fun times and a place close to my heart

-special treats for our camp out

-traditions -camping in the backyard on Labour Day weekend

-roasting hot dogs in the backyard

-wannabe rockstar brother

-fun party at his house

-celebration of birthdays

-open fields allowing lots of room for running and playing soccer

-Dads being good sports playing soccer against the children (a competitive match to say the least)

-the birthday girls

-girls with great taste! (not planned)

-our new Sunday night game (even if it gets a bit wild)!

-helpers emptying the pool

-helpers taking down the tent

-nice visit with our aging aunt

-Sunday hamburgers

-eager little ones getting ready for school by setting the breakfast table (I don't think we'll be missing the bus tomorrow)

-my jogging partner, Jesse

-creative tracks all over the basement (train track, marble track, car track, etc.)

-dinner/ movie night

-evenings off from soccer and all extra activities this summer!

-making the most of EVERY day and every minute this summer

-husband willing to put pain in his back and give up our comfy mattress, to sleep in the tent for two nights with the children

holy experience