Monday, October 10, 2011

One Thousand Gifts (Continued)

"The LORD will guide you always..."(Isaiah 58:11a).

It was foggy and misty this morning when I went for my jog. However, I knew where I was going and I knew what was beyond the fog. It reminded me that I need to trust in God to lead me and guide me along my path, and know that He will help me get through all my foggy days and struggles.

Continuing to give thanks...
#2 000-2 036
-thankful for a loving Father who leads me and guides me
-for His Word- a light unto my path
-the cross
-our salvation
-inspiring message from our Pastor this morning
-beautiful music from our Jamaican brothers from church

-an AWESOME creator

-glorious colours

-Nicole's photography

-a class trip, enjoying God's handiwork
-Christian music of all genres
-young and old enjoying Christian music
-26 more children sponsored- hundreds of lives changed!
-having a great conversation with a wonderful, inspiring, godly young woman (with a great last name)!

-celebrating God's faithfulness 0f 52 years of marriage
-godly examples of a Christ centered marriage
-celebrating our niece and her husband's first year of marriage
-surviving the fair
-enjoying rides with friends, and family
-winning the spelling bee as a team for the second year in a row
-remembering our niece and her husband out west -this is for you, Elise
-family tradition- Thanksgiving walk
-walking with family, young and old
-walking paths right across the road
-the falling of a pyramid
-the making of a pyramid
-a Mom and Beppe so involved with all of our lives and so helpful this past weekend
-successfully hosting two dinners (53 people)
-turkey dinners
-M &M turkeys
-helpful family members
-Nicole helping me prepare Bible verses for the table center pieces
-everyone pitching in to help prepare for our guests
-still has the moves (even though they lost to the young punks)!!
-getting caught with a hand in the candy jar (a bit late, she already snuck a jelly bean in her mouth)
-homemade sweater from Holland

-finishing their race with fine effort!


Heather said...

Look how big all those kids are now!!! Hokey Dinah!
"Surviving the fair"... too funny!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

What a beautiful list! I loved your photos.