Thursday, November 4, 2010

Eer we aar dans l'aeroporte du Paris!

We are already beginning to experience the perks of traveling with an infant! At the airport in Addis, we were brought to the front of every line we were in because we were traveling with an infant. The icing on the cake was when we asked for a basinet for Deborah, and the lady said to wait for our boarding passes because they didn't think they had room for a basinet for her in coach class. When we got our boarding passes, they upgraded all six of us to First class! What a treat, to be able to stretch our legs out and be waited on hand and foot for the whole flight!
Deborah did amazingly on the flight, she slept almost all 7.5 hours to Paris on my chest and then on anna for the last 4 hours. We are hoping to be as fortunate on the leg to Toronto.(although we already know we are not in first class this time. Too bad, we were enjoying the fancy foo foo life).
We can't wait to get home to see everyone, and try to share all of our experiences with you.

"Give thanks to the Lord for he is good, His love endures forever."

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Meghan Grace said...

You guys must be extreamly happy.
Praise the Lord!

Have a great day,
can't wait 'till you bring Deborah toFrench class with us! She will be our teacher's help.

Meghan Grace