Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Vos family Photo (minus Curtis)

So much to say, not enough words to do justice to them, so a picture instead (for now).
We are well, and having a journey that will change us forever, no doubt about that.

Thank God from whom all blessings flow!

Miss you, Curtis, hugs and kisses from all of us, especially your new sister.


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful picture! Praying for you all, for God's blessings!
Mrs. Schreuders
Can't wait til you are all home again.

elsie hiebert said...

A beautiful family. You must be on cloud 9.

Tracy Crewson said...

A beautiful photo! What an exciting time for all of you.

Now that we know how you ended up at the Weygoss, you will have to greet the staff there for us (Meron's parents, of course). As well, you will have to buy some jewellry from John (about 18 years old, loose curly hair, stands at the end of the Weygoss laneway) that we sent you. You can greet him for us!

We continue to pray for all of you - Curtis included!

Ashleigh, Ben, Noah and Tait said...

Perfect and Beautiful in Every Way.

Maria said...

What a great picture!!! Good to see you must of you together!! Hopefully a full family picture including Curtis!

mc said...

What beaming parents and a beautiful family (minus Curtis:)!! There is nothing quite like the experience of having a child placed in your arms.... I'm so, so happy for your family and pray that you will enjoy every moment of getting to know your precious Deborah!

Mary Catherine

Heather said...

I'm in love!
Can't wait to hold you, Deborah!