Sunday, October 10, 2010

"But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD" (Joshua 24:15b).

This was the verse that the minister preached about yesterday at our niece's wedding. This was also the verse chosen by my in-laws 51 years ago. I think it's a verse that will stay in the family, because our other niece used the same verse at her wedding last year. I hope and pray that it does stay in the family, perhaps not as wedding texts (although that would be great too), but in all of our daily lives. The choice that Joshua is offering to the Israelites seems obvious, but how often we fail to make godly choices as we use our free will. We so easily choose other gods in our lives - money, fame, acceptance, leisure, sports, alcohol, possessions, etc. It is my prayer for Jen and Trevor (and all of us) that we with the help of the Lord, we will choose to serve Him everyday and that He will be the center of Jen and Trevor's married life and in all of our marriages.

-listening to beautiful music by Jen's aunt and cousin

-driving in style

-definitely a highlight of the wedding- the infamous father/daughter dance; Ken comes alive as he and Jen shock the pants off everyone with their amazingly choreographed dance that they had been practicing!

-the slow father/daughter dance before the "real" dancing began!

-guess the donut to get the married couple to kiss- a fun idea by the MC's (my nephew and niece)

I pray that God will richly bless Jen and Trevor as they begin their lives together as a married couple. I pray that they will follow Him and allow Him to be their guide.

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