Thursday, October 7, 2010

Adoption Update

"Commit your way to the LORD; trust in Him..." (Psalm 37:5)

7kg, 66 cm, and 38.5 cm
These are the measurements we received yesterday via e-mail of our baby girl! Since last month, our little girl has gained 1 kg, grew 2 cm longer (from 64 cm last month), and apparently her head grew 1.5 cm! With that information, we also received two gorgeous pictures (yes, I'm biased) which I have been studying over and over. I already developed 5x7's 4x6's and 8x10's (in coloured and black and white). We had wait an extra week for her updated pictures because they had to send a new camera to Ethiopia since the camera there broke. This was rather difficult, but oh well- this seems to be a better camera, because the pictures are much clearer!

Some families received their Visas this week which is exciting news. That means Visas are starting to come in again- there was a bit of a dry spell. This is a quote from our agency's update a few weeks ago regarding Visas:
"The CIC investigation into all Canadian adoptions from Ethiopia has been completed. As a result of the investigation, the High Commission is now requesting additional documents be sent with the Visa application to Nairobi. This change in process should not add any further delay to Imagine families, as the new required documents are items that have already been obtained for the Court processes in Ethiopia. "
I can't imagine things getting delayed any further! We're still hoping to get her Visa very soon! This has definitely been a test of patience and trust.