Monday, January 19, 2015

One Thousand Gifts (continued)

"You make me glad by your deeds, O LORD; I sing for joy at he works of  your hands." (Psalm 92:4)

5 years old!
She has blessed us in more ways than words can describe!
We are so thankful that God created our precious girl, and chose her to be our daughter.  She brings us so much joy and laughter every day!

Continuing to give thanks...

-how she was excited, yet patient to open her gifts

-how she loves every gift that she opens

-the tradition of opening gifts on the green chair

-taking turns with the gift giving
-how they like to share their blankets
-the children's excitement to give gifts to their little sister

-our little greenhouse party

-how her high light was picking out a birthday cake

-taking the time with her little sister to read the cards

-grandparents who enjoy birthday celebrations too

-how we all enjoyed our afternoon of bowling

-fun trying to beat their brother

-fun trying to beat their spouse (he beat me, unfortunately)

-everyone showing good sportsmanship

-how we could hardly contain her excitement to go bowling!

-how she was able to stay focused for the entire game
-how she would excitedly exclaim, "It's still my turn"!!

-how everyone was pretty pumped about their strikes and spares and eager to get their picture taken!

-how we had such a great afternoon bowling together as a family!

-embracing the weather and getting creative with snow spray paint

-her patience with her little sister as they cross country skied together

-his many interests and talents
-how he was eager to create his own Rubik's cube and how he taught us about a new tool (a dremel; it's pretty neat!)
-how she takes care of him  like a baby, as she puts a bib on him before feeding him!

-inspiring messages yesterday about personal investments, as Christ did for us on the cross
-how we're so blessed with a pastor who always preaches about the hope of the Gospel and the good news of salvation through the blood of Christ

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