Tuesday, May 20, 2014

One Thousand Gifts (continued)

"Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need"
 (Hebrews 4:16 ESV).

He's so gracious and merciful.  He's thoughtful and very empathetic.

As he quickly makes his way to the bathroom, with his pail in front of him, I try to comfort him and sooth him with a cold cloth on his forehead.  However, I am unable to comfort him as I would like to, because I too have my pail with me and I'm feeling too weak.  I crumple to the floor and start crying, apologizing for not being able to help him as I should.  My nine year old comes beside me, wraps his arms around me, and says, "It's ok, Mom".  We both sit on the floor with our pails beside us, huddled together in each other's arms.

There are many times that I feel inadequate, or insufficient.  I feel like a lousy Mom, or a lousy wife, daughter, friend, disciple of Christ, etc.  But then, God reaches down, and wraps His loving arms around me and says, "It's ok".  His grace is sufficient.  It's enough.

Continuing to give thanks...

-that His grace is sufficient
-wise counsel from dear friends and our pastor
-being stretched and tested
-God's Word- where true wisdom comes from

-surviving the stomach flu
-hanging out on the couch/recliner all day with my son
-his hugs and empathy

-finding time during the busy season to celebrate Paul's birthday

 -the joy that she brings to us everyday

 -his origami pop up Mother's day card

-her gifts that she bought and made on her own and her eagerness to give them to me

 -celebrating my mom
-celebrating being a mom and my 4 awesome children that God has entrusted to us

 -how she took such great care of her little sister the whole day while I was sick

 -his gifts and talents (solved by Curtis, not Paul)

-finding his beautiful flowers for sale at garden centres
-the success in sales so far

 -the fun that she has, everyday!

 -enjoying the beautiful display of feathers

 -how she likes to make me tea in the afternoon, and how we laughed when she accidentally made me a coffee one day (she knows how much I don't like coffee)

 -two very tired children bonding in the van

-over 900 youth learning more about Christ's love at AOYC
-the hearts of the youth who chose to sponsor a child through Compassion

 -beauty all around us...flowers and...
-mothers feeding their babies
-celebrating with a couple from church -their beautiful adopted baby girl!
-a successful school fundraiser and all the many volunteers

Multitudes on Tuesdays!

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