Monday, April 21, 2014

One Thousand Gifts (continued)

"He is not here; He has risen, just as He said." 
 (Matthew 28:6)

Giving thanks for the hope that Easter brings!
H-heaven; knowing that heaven is real and that one day I will bask in God's glory with the angels     because of the hope of Easter
O-open tomb; the stone was rolled away, not so that Jesus could walk out, but so that the witnesses could see and believe that He was raised from the dead and so that all of us can proclaim, HE'S ALIVE!
P-penalty- Christ paid the penalty of our sins by His death on the cross
E-eternal life; know that God has promised eternal life to all those who confess with their mouths, "Jesus is Lord", and believe in their hearts, God raised him from the dead, will be saved (Romans 10:9)

Continuing to give thanks...
-the hope of Easter
-the promise of eternal life
-that He's ALIVE!

-celebrating Easter with family
-enjoying a nice walk with my in-laws
-beautiful weather
-wonderful in-laws to celebrate Easter with

-enjoying the animals on our walk

-the opportunity to have a SUPER fun road trip with his father
-the fun that he and his dad are having!

-our  South Ontario weather where we are able to ski and swim outdoors in the same week!
-her excitement to get out the little pool 
-her excitement about everything!
-enjoying the warm weather (and warm water after many buckets of hot water)

-how she "reads" to her toys and tucks them into bed

-enjoying their P.D. day with their grandparents

-a fun morning, enjoying breakfast and the outdoors with Opa and Oma

-grandparents who are so involved with their grandkids' lives

-Paul's willingness to take two  preschoolers to the Dora show in Toronto!
-the fun that Deborah had with her best buddy
-that God spared the life of her best buddy's Mommy
-that she received surgery on time and is recovering well
-her friendship and our kids' loving, fun, innocent friendship

-racing their cars
-the help from another dad, greasing the wheels

-a nice evening visit with a friend
-a night out with my boys and watching "Heaven is for Real"
-Paul taking his daughter and his parents to "Heaven is for Real"
-Christian entertainment
-a great group of women whom I play volleyball with (and winning the finals)
-the many bonding opportunities, while driving with my dear friend, Jessica

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