Monday, February 20, 2012

One Thousand Gifts (Continued)

"I can do everything through [Christ] who gives me strength" (Philippians 4:13).

God has been so good to me by giving me energy and strength this past week enabling me to take care of all my sickies. I am so thankful for my health, which I take for granted so often. I take a lot of things for granted and I need to constantly remind myself of my many blessings.

Continuing to give thanks...

-God's faithfulness and His promises
-good health
-energy and strength
-God's healing hand
-celebrating the sacred sacrament of communion and being reminded that no matter our past, our wreckage, Christ died for ALL of our sins

-home thermometers
-Doctor office just down the road and on call service on holidays
-arriving at the drug store JUST in time to pick up Curtis' antibiotics

-well used "toys" (especially when one is sick)

-a companion to the sick

-a few days off of school to rest

-my nurse assistant and extra pair of hands

-a fun, hands on class trip

-our gracious hosts

-getting together with cousins and remembering the '80s

-stepping back in time (thankfully for one evening only)!

-homemade cookies (and I don't have to do the baking)!
-Nicole's latest craft project (a curly scarf)
-a new hobby- knitting
-my daughter helping me with my scarf
-her love for crafts

-a quick break outside (the snowman only lasted a few hours)
-spending the day with friends, doing what he loves the most
-scrap booking in the van, (without interruptions) for a few hours
-just when you are beginning to feel like a taxi driver, your son says (with a big smile), "Thanks for driving us, Mom"!

-such a tolerant pet (most of the time)
-showing affection

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Tim and Richelle said...

enjoyed visiting your blog (popped over from Holy Experience). you have a beautiful family!