Monday, December 26, 2011

One Thousand Gifts (con't)

"Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; He is Christ the Lord"
(Luke 2:11).

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to me, Nicole, Oma, and most importantly, Jesus.
We've celebrated a few birthdays this month.
Our princess turned 10! The perfect (well almost perfect) 10! I can't believe where time goes. To us, she's still our little smiley 3 year old, cracking jokes and loving to play with her toys. We know that she's not perfect, but to us, she's pretty close! We love her to bits and pieces and are so grateful for the gift that she is to us.

We also celebrated the best gift of all- a birthday of the One who is perfect! Our Saviour. Our Redeemer!

Continuing to give thanks during this Christmas season...
#2208- #2239

-worshiping and celebrating Christmas Day
-our Deliverer
-playing in the orchestra (for the first time) on Christmas morning

-a shimmer of hope (a thin layer of ice)

-attempting to take family pictures in front of the tree

-personalities that shine
-Nicole's fever going away
-my tonsillitis is almost gone

-big, group game

-Christmas hair
-entertaining herself

-our little band -Go Weston, Go!!

-a proud Grandma
-fun, family get togethers

-Beppe hugs! (never too old, never to young to hug your grandmother)!

-our milk man (thanks, bro)

-one way to get fresh air

-a gifted, relaxed, confident speaker (way to go, bro)

-confident and gifted duet singers

-surviving standing on stage and singing with the school

-celebrating Oma's birthday
-Nicole's homemade gift to Oma and Oma's great appreciation
-singing many Christmas songs
-musical instruments
-a new teacher (former student of mine) doing a great job of conducting the school Messiah for children Christmas program
-Nicole spending her birthday money on a family gift
-celebrating Nicole's birthday and the joy that she brings to our lives
-camping out under the Christmas tree
-impromptu coffee gathering with friends
-remembering and celebrating this season what God has done for me!

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Heather said...

Camping out under the Christmas tree? How cool is that? We'll have to try that idea next time.
I LOVE looking at your photos because I love your extended family too! Great Christmas locks, Deborah!
(She's blessed to have a Mommy like you). Glad you're feeling better, Nellie.