Monday, May 2, 2011

One Thousand Gifts (Continued)

"He covers the sky with clouds; He supplies the earth with rain..." (Psalm 147:8)

Continuing to give thanks...

-enjoying the rain and the warm weather

-reliving childhood memories

-in their glory

-Deborah's newest way of entertaining herself (and entertaining us at the same time)

-young and old interacting and having fellowship with one another

-high tea -GEMS leaders and volunteers

-a future band

-celebrating Christian Education Week at school

-Grandparents Day -our children's 3 amazing, loving grandparents

-Mom only having to go to one school for grandparents day (and visiting 11 grandchildren)

-Deborah's entertainment- playing peek a boo at dinner time

-Paul getting more orders

-Paul finding extra truck drivers

-a great visit with our adoption practitioner

-big smiles and thumbs up from a happy boy skate boarding at the greenhouse

-Curtis back to his bubbly self, chasing his sister around

-Nicole's great interest in her book and sharing all the details

-a fun date night with Paul last Wednesday


Heather said...

What great shots of the kids in the rain!
Love the gratitude point about your mom visiting 11 grandkids in one shot--ha ha! What a blessing :)

elsie hiebert said...

Oh, the joy and freedom of being a kid!! My mother-in-law would also have been able to visit all her grandkids in one school. Gotta love small community living.
From your comment on my blog- no we don't live out west. I did until I was 23 and then married Barry and moved to Ontario. I just live an hour away from Caledonia which is where you said that your sister-in-law lives.