Monday, April 11, 2011

One Thousand Gifts (Continued)

"You open the hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing"

(Psalm 145:16).

How do I expect my children to have joy when I am grumpy? How do I expect my children to have satisfaction when I myself have an extensive wish list of things? GRATITUDE...I hope and pray that our new habit of filling out our gratitude booklets http://www.aholyexperience.com/page/2/ before dinner will instill joy and satisfaction for life in all of our lives. I hope and pray that we as a family will be able to see God in everything, to be grateful for all things and to experience His grace as we practice gratitude in our daily lives.

My gratitude continues... #1533-#1554

-GEMS- Girls Everywhere Meeting our Saviour

-dedicated GEMS counselors and mentors to the girls

-Nicole doing a great job with her singing debut on GEMS Sunday

-a day with just Deborah and Curtis

-Curtis playing with Deborah at the Early Years Center (and loving it)! -annual, early phone calls on our birthdays with Opa playing his trumpet

-celebrating Jesse's 11th birthday!

-the fine, young man he is becoming!

-Jesse's hockey debut

-fundraiser tournament for Haiti

-patience as he searches for just the right piece -peas growing in my window sill -painted clay pots

-laughing hysterically as Curtis tells me that he wore his pyjama shirt to school today (good thing it was a pretty ordinary T-shirt)!

-Paul and I giggling as we hear Curtis yell from the fields, "AGH, a worm!"

-bringing out the patio furniture

-wearing capris

-baking with Nicole

-more children sponsored for Compassion http://www.compassion.ca/child_list.asp at a Jeremy Camp concert

-Jesse sharing his birthday money with our sponsored child in Ethiopia

-enjoying beautiful music, fellowship, and a delicious meal at a Gleaner's http://www.ontariogleaners.org/ fundraising event

-everyone writing in their gratitude booklets before dinner

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Heather said...

LOVE that top photo of Nicole!
Hey, you went to see Jeremy Camp?
Tell all!