Friday, September 2, 2016

In Good Hands

"In His hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to Him" (Psalm 95:4).

In Good Hands

They thanked us for coming, while we were the ones using up their valuable time.
They had printed off pages of common sign words.
She had her pen and paper ready.
They were eager to learn as much about our son as they could in the short time that we visited.  

This week, we spent 45 minutes visiting with Seber's SK teacher and EA.  He enjoyed exploring his new classroom, and meeting his wonderful teachers.  We were very thankful for that opportunity.


We are SO blessed to be part of such an amazing community.  We are so blessed with a caring staff, a principal who advocates on our behalf, and SK teachers who are so keen to help our son learn as much as possible and to reach his potential.  They have such a desire for him to have a positive, enriching learning experience.  They are receptive to suggestions and seek ways to improve the learning environment which would be beneficial to Seber and all of the students.  They are loving, caring, and compassionate image bearers of our Lord, and view all their students as God's precious children.  We are so thankful for our amazing school community.

In just a few days, our son will be hopping on the bus with his older siblings.  His face lights up and he points to himself when we talk about school and the bus.  As crazy nervous as I am, I know that he'll be in good hands.  His older siblings will be fierce protectors and assist him when needed.  His teachers will embrace him with open arms, and allow his little, silly, loving personality to shine!  I know that he'll be in good hands with the staff and with his siblings, but I also know that He is being held in the hands of the One who holds the whole universe!!

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