Wednesday, September 7, 2016

First Day of School Prayer

It was a tough good-bye this morning.
We held up traffic as he carefully walked up the big steps of the bus.
He waved out of the window, and I watched the bus drive down the road.

As our son with Down syndrome starts his first day of school today, this is our prayer:

Dear LORD,
You are such an awesome God!  You are so good and faithful to all of Your promises.  I know that You have watched over our son in the past few years, and that You will continue to do so, especially today as he has his first day of school.

Forgive me, LORD for my times of doubt and unbelief.  Forgive me for the times that I forget to trust in you and Your unfailing promises and Your perfect plan.

Thank-you, LORD for so many blessings.  Thank-you for an amazing, supportive, school community.  Thank-you for our principal, our advocate. Thank-you for compassionate and loving teachers.  Thank-you for our friendly, lovely bus driver.  Thank-you for older siblings.

LORD, please protect our son.  Please give the teachers an extra dose of patience when he doesn't listen and just wants to play outside on the slide!  Fill them with lots of patience, peace, understanding, and lots of energy (which they will need).  Help Seber to feel loved and included.  Help others to include him and also to be patient with him.  Give us wisdom to know how to best advocate for him and help him as he begins the part-time kindergarten program at our school.  This is so new to our school community, and so LORD, I pray for support, love, and acceptance.

In Your precious Son's name,

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