Monday, April 27, 2015

One Thousand Gifts (continued)

"Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell what he has done for my soul" (Psalm 66:16 ESV).

This past week, our school was blessed to celebrate Christian Education Week.  We are so blessed to have our children attend such amazing, God centered schools.  Christian education has always been dear to my heart, as my father dedicated half of his life to raising funds for Christian curriculum.  I still remember Christian Education week when I was in elementary school!  Bake sales, jelly bean guess, and the high light:  grandparents day!  It's because of our grandparents and their dedication to Christian education that we are able, through our schools, to tell the story -the story of God's love and His amazing grace!

 "The purpose of Christian education is to tell God’s story about living in His Kingdom, and preparing hearts, hands and minds for service. God reveals to us that He is our Lord, the creator of all things. Throughout the Biblical story, God makes clear to us that sin has completely impacted His perfect creation, yet God continues to demonstrate His grace. He promises that Christ will return again and return the harmony that was lost in creation. All are invited to enter His Kingdom. "

 "Living in the Kingdom enables us to grow in faith. Day to day experiences that affect our lives give us the opportunity to nurture faith. Children’s experiences, their joys and sorrows, mould their lives. Christian schools take these experiences and fit them into God’s story."  (taken from our school's website www.providencecs.ca)

Continuing to give thanks...
-Christian education
-Christian Education Week, celebrating Christian education
-grandparents day and celebrating grandparents and their role in telling the story!

-how they wanted to include all the boys with their dress-up idea
-fun activities during Christian Education Week

-dress a like day

-how they sang their hearts out for their grandparents

-celebrating one of my favourite movies and drinking raspberry cordial in memory of Gilbert Blythe
-enjoying a day trip with Paul

-our cool cat

-how he decides to sleep almost anywhere, including my back, and my legs when I'm sitting in the recliner

-how they're easily amused with the excitement of a police car in front of our driveway (pulling over a white van exactly like ours!)
-speech season and a captivated audience on the couch for practicing
-how they choose such mature, meaningful topics

-enjoying a nice lunch with a dear, high school friend (and celebrating Kings' Day)

-his love for Cadets and that they won first place at the cadetarama

 -how the excitement and noise level has drastically increased in our home (due to playoff season)

-the flowers are so beautiful and so ready!
 -getting his first order today!

-a beautiful day for a beautiful wedding

 -enjoying the evening with dear, old friends

 -having fun and enjoying the props from the photo booth

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Heather said...

I used to LOVE Grandparents' Day! So fun. Man, the kids are growing up sooo fast! LOVE the photo of you and Ruda and you guys and Leanne and Colin. It's so great you've been friends for so long.