Monday, April 20, 2015

One Thousand Gifts (continued)

"Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered" (Proverbs 11:25-26 ESV).

The birthday chair.  
Whenever it's a student's birthday, they stand on the birthday chair and someone places their hand on them to bless them as the class sings the birthday song and the blessing song.
She stands there being blessed, but it is she who is the blessing.
She has blessed so many children (and parents) in so many ways over the years! 
She is such a blessing to our school.  She is fun-loving, sincere, and so filled with the Holy Spirit, which is evident in her words and actions.  She is such a beautiful woman inside and outside!  
What an inspiration to us!  How are we being a blessing to others?
We love you, Mrs. T!  Happy Birthday!

Continuing to give thanks..
-the blessing of our JK teacher
-her outspoken faith
-her love for Christ and her love for others

-singing about being in God's army
-how Mrs. T. makes Bible stories come alive
-the blessing of having Mrs. T. as Deb's teacher and the blessing of Deborah's fun friends

-the fun she has had with her many play dates, but also the fun she has with her best friend, Percy

-how she can make Jessie doll sing so beautifully

-being blessed by having fellowship with my awesome hairdresser
-the blessing of having lunch with a group of adoptive mommies
-being able to share stories with other adoptive moms who are able to support each other and relate with each other
-the privilege of attending workshops by C.A.S. and better understanding the layers of adoption and the effects of early trauma
-my friend who invited me to 3 weeks of training by C.A.S.
-the blessing of those who foster and and those who are working with C.A.S.
-fellowship with other Cadet and Gems families
-the dedication and volunteer work of the many Cadet counsellors

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Heather said...

How cool that you get to be involved in the adoptive/foster groups. So many rich experiences that I'll bet you never dreamed of when we were in high school! :)
(I'll have to get some hair lessons again. Deborah's is so cute!)