Monday, October 21, 2013

One Thousand Gifts (continued)

 "Do everything without complaining or arguing" 
(Philippians 2:14).

They grumble.  They complain.  Pulling them away from the comfy indoors is like pulling teeth.  Yes, we had to force our children to come on a hike and enjoy the beautiful fall weather and fall colours.  However, as it turned out, we all had a wonderful time together!  How often life is like that.  We grumble and complain or worry about things, but by God's grace, and with His help and strength we are able to get through our circumstances, whatever they may be (and the result is often better then we anticipated)!  It shames me to think how often I grumble or complain.  With all of my MANY many blessings, there should be no room for complaining!

Continuing to give thanks...


-the beautiful fall colours
-the gorgeous fall weather
-the changing of seasons

-finding a tree with some leaves on it

-hiking together as a family

-having fun racing through the leaves

-our family
-how she takes care of her baby sister

-how he looks up to his older brother

-kind strangers allowing Deborah to walk their dog

-a beautiful park to walk, run, bike, hike and enjoy-right across the road from our house

-God's intricate creation

-her posed smiles

-a hubby who very rarely grumbles or complains

-bedtime preparations (pile of stuffies)

-pets sharing their space
-their giggles and excitement after coming back from their walk and collecting 8 caterpillars!
-how they always have fun together
-her love for animals, both big and small

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