Monday, October 29, 2012

One Thousand Gifts (Continued)

"You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden"
 (Matthew 14:5)

This was the theme of the blogging conference, Allume that we attended this past weekend.

We made it across the border easily;  the man looked at us as if we were from Mars, and said, "I have no questions; you can't even make that stuff up."  Yes, I was a bit hesitant to attend a conference all about blogging, but I have no regrets!
Although I have many highlights of our weekend, I think the best part was driving 6 hours to and from Pennsylvania with such an awesome friend and spiritual mentor.  Heather and I shared memories that I will cherish forever.  Isn't that what life is sometimes like?  It's those "unimportant" times that are sometimes the most memorable.  It is a time of learning.  It is a time when we can open our hearts to others, glean from others' experiences, and share lots of laughs (unexpected toll booths, roads disappearing from the fog and on the GPS)!  I am so blessed to have such experiences.

Other highlights from our blogging conference and other things that I learned include:
-being reminded that we are all lights in the world
-to be myself; to be honest
-it could just be "one" that is affected by my blog, and that's all that matters
-be mindful of the moment
-write what you are passionate about
-I am only a hobby blogger, and I'm ok with that!
-"I don't need credentials, God has those" (from Kat Lee, Inspired to Action)
-pray, pray, pray
-listen to God's calling
-amazing key note speakers
-listening to other bloggers open their hearts as they shared their stories
and much, much more!!!

One other thing that I learned is how much I LOVE my family!!!  I became homesick pretty quickly!

Continuing to give thanks...
-my best friend, and awesome hubby who wins Husband of the Year award again as he took care of the children all weekend
-my family ( I love them so much and missed them like crazy)
-safe travels
-being at a conference with over 300 other Christian women
-learning so much from so many other Christian bloggers

-my amazing friend Heather
-having lots of laughs with our addiction to the smile booth
-meeting other fellow Canadian bloggers

-so many free books
-Ann, a humble, passionate, inspiring Christian blogger/ speaker
-hearing her story, her deep love for her Saviour, and feeling her emotions with her

-her honesty
-Phil Vischer (creator of Veggie Tales)'s story of pride and humility and God working through all of his   life (and ours)
-his humour
-his honesty and openness

-Logan Wofram making boring announcements very humorous!
-allowing us to hear her story and share her sorrows

-supportive husbands and gleaning from the marriage panel

-enjoying fresh air and exploring parts of the city

1 comment:

Heather said...

What a blast that was! I'm so thankful I got to share it with YOU, Anna--even if you think highly decorated-for-Halloween houses are toll booths and that you should warn me about the one way sreets too early, which, takes us into oncoming traffic :) my fault, lol!
I'm still feeling the winding roads when I close my eyes!
All in all, we learned so much and don't forget, "it works"!
Love you!