Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Don't Let Me Miss The Glory

"Mom, look at the cool sky!" exclaims our 5 year old. I reply, "Who made the sky?" "God." "Yes, He painted us a beautiful sky this morning, didn't He?"

Oh, God, I have failed so see your glory so many times today.

Lord, when I'm rushed packing the lunches in the morning, let me give thanks to You for our food.
Lord, when I'm rushing the children out the door for school, help to give thanks for Christian education and the children's good-bye kisses.
Lord, when I plan my day, help me to schedule time with You.
Lord, when I am stretched in different directions, help me to follow You.
Lord, when it's a bit chaotic when the children come home from school, help to give thanks for safety and seeing their lovely faces after a long day away.
Lord, when I'm tired at the end of the day, help me to be patient and rejoice in every moment I have with each child and with my hubby.

Forgive me Lord for not seeing your glory in the every day things in my life. Forgive me for not seeing the glory in the creativeness of our son, the smiles and desire to be heard from our daughter, the helpfulness of our son, the longing to play outside, wanting to read a story, etc. Lord, "Don't Let Me Miss The Glory"!

I am inspired by the blind pianist of the Gaithers, Gordon Mote as he sings, "Don't Let Me Miss The Glory". Lord, my eyes can see, but so often they are not open. My prayer is the same as Gordon's.

2 more sleeps until the Gaither concert! 3rd row seats, baby!!

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