Monday, January 18, 2016

One Thousand Gifts (continued)

"Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from Him" 
(Psalm 127:3).

As he was trying to decide on his courses for next year, I suggested the parenting course.

"Mom, I don't need to take that; parenting is easy".

I had no words.

I have read tons of parenting books, and I continue to do so.  I continue to learn new things all the time, and I know for certain that parenting is not easy.

No matter how many books I read or advice I receive (whether I want it or not), I feel that I will never get it right.

However,  I also know for certain that parenting is one of the greatest blessings there is!  Amidst the trial and error, I also know for certain that God's grace is sufficient.  His mercies are new every morning and He gives us the strength and patience that we need.

He pours the blessings on us every day with the sounds of laughter, time spent playing games together, stories being told, eating meals together, participating in common interests, working together, playing together, sharing our love, practicing forgiveness, having fun with everyday activities, and constantly making new memories together!!!

I am so grateful for the blessing of parenting my precious four children (and soon to be five!!!)

Continuing to give thanks...

-celebrating our precious daughter's 6th birthday
-for the spice of life that she adds to our family

-her huge smile, her empathy towards others, her forgiving heart, and her zest for life!!

-how his love spills over for all of his children
-being on this journey of parenthood with the best dad ever!

 -the blessing of calling her our daughter and being her Mom!

-awesome helpers!!

-fun times colouring, skating, and eating cake and snacks!

-lots of laughs and fun with her friends

-the love from grandparents

-puzzle races with her older cousin and her brother

-enjoying the snow

-snow removal and safety on the roads

-how he takes his children skiing and many other fun outings
-her first time skiing and how well she did!

-Nicole's project about "Family Blessings"/ adoption

-our opportunity to be advocates for adoption through the media and being able to share our faith
-that our file is being reviewed and that we are getting closer to bringing our son home to his forever home!

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