Monday, October 27, 2014

One Thousand Gifts (continued)

"In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven" (Matthew 5:16).

Matthew 5:16 is the theme verse of the year at our children's school.  Throughout the year, the children are learning about that verse and exploring what this verse means in regards to what, why, how, and to whom to let their lights shine.  They had the opportunity a few weeks ago to let their lights shine in such a concrete way, by hosting the Boccie Ball Special Olympics tournament.  It was difficult to keep a dry eye, as I watched the students cheer for the teams, give high fives and welcome the players with open arms.  They were able to embrace the needs of others and show others what Christ is like.  

Continuing to give thanks...
-willing and excited volunteers
-positive school spirit
-letting their lights shine as they embraced the needs of others
-being loving and accepting towards others, particularly those with exceptionalities

-celebrating our son's third birthday (even though he is miles and miles away, he is close to us in our hearts!)
-celebrating- classic Vos style- with doughnuts and chocolate
-how she reminds us every meal time to remember Seber in prayer

-jumping in leaves

-yard clean-up helpers

-the beauty of the trees with leaves and 
without leaves
-how she was SO excited for her first class trip

-how she persevered with all of her cross country races, even though she was far from loving it

-that they're starting to enjoy hiking a bit more

-my awesome husband and how he puts up with all my many different moods (not all of them being very pleasant)
-how he supports me with my decisions
-how he helps finish the many projects or other things that I start (team work!)
-our precious daughter who tries our patience with her unpredictable meltdowns, but who brings us so much joy and laughter
-listening to the laughter with Beppe as they were playing her new favourite monkey game
-her first sleep over and the fun that she has with her special friend
-how I was spared from serious injury in my little fender bender
-how our friend had the strength to preach at his dear mother's funeral
-how our friend's mother's funeral was such a testimony to God's faithfulness
-enjoying a few days off of school
-a gym full of wonderful, Christian teachers committed to teaching our children, in the name of Christ
-hearing beautiful words about our sweet son
-how he's enjoying high school

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