Monday, November 4, 2013

One Thousand Gifts (continued)

"Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path" 
(Psalm 119:105).

I am hoping that these rules will benefit our family and help our family as we grow and mature.  I made these rules for the welfare of all of us.  Similarly, there are standard rules for us to follow for our sake and our safety.  I was reminded of this as I had a traffic violation last week.  I simply hung my head in shame and guilt.  Thankfully, the police officer reduced the penalty.  God gave us His Word to be a guide for our lives and a light for our path.  He gave us His law for our well being and our own good, but also so that we can see our sinful ways and realize how much we need His grace and His forgiveness. 

Continuing to give thanks...
-rules and laws
-His laws and His Word
-His grace and forgiveness

-glorious view from my front window

-the sun peaking through the clouds

-painting- their latest hobby

-pumpkin carving
-his bravery- digging in and touching the guts
-her curiosity and excitement about carving a pumpkin for the first time

-their thoughtfulness of making simple carving patterns for their mom

-proud of her "D" for Deborah
-how she loves to find letters that she knows and say who it stands for (ex.  "O" for "Owen"; "M" for "Mason" and "Mommy", etc)  

-grandparents that LOVE to see their grandchildren trick or treating

-the customized treats for their grandchildren

-eager to participate in the Road to Hope 1k race

-how he patiently assisted her with her 1k race

-so proud and excited to get a medal (every participant receives a medal)
-supporting each other
-running with my niece and sister-in-law

-a great event, despite the wet weather

-supporting a great cause, EduDeo Ministries

-a successful event, as EduDeo raised over $55 000!

-the friendships he has made from running

-completing the 5k (in the rain)

-my inspiring sister-in-law

-his strength and determination

-sharing similar interests

-spending time with a friend who flew from Miami to run in the race

-how they love to act silly together
-how he teaches her the finer things in life, like fighting when playing hockey on the Playstation

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Heather said...

Ha ha, great costumes!
Way to go on the running, Nellie!