Monday, June 17, 2013

One Thousand Gifts (continued)

“Sing to the LORD, you saints of His; praise His holy name. For His anger lasts only a moment, but His favour lasts a lifetime; weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning” 
 (Psalm 30:5).

 We gathered together for Father’s Day yesterday. The day looked like it was going to be a gloomy, dark, wet day. However, it wasn’t long (after we settled inside), that we moved outside and enjoyed the beautiful day. There is so much pain and sorrow in this life. There is no exception to this on Father’s Day. There are children who do not have a father figure present in their life for various reasons. There are those who have lost their fathers. There are those who do not or did not have a positive relationship with their fathers. With the gloomy day turning into such a glorious day, I was reminded of Psalm 30:5. The sorrow and pain that we experience in life does not last. God takes our pain away and one day when we live with Him in glory, there will be no more tears or pain. Joy comes in the morning!

Continuing to give thanks...

-for our Heavenly Father, who is perfect!
-the many fond memories of my father
-for the many dads who have chosen to be a father to the fatherless

-fresh flowers from the garden

-love notes from my loving husband

-studious children
-surviving and completing exams

-the times when she is so gentle with him
-when she says, "OOOH, look at Percy" "He's so cute"

-how she loves certain books to be read by certain siblings

-celebrating the best father in the world!!
-his homemade card/tie/top hat that he made at school
-how he eagerly wore his hat and tie (with the help of some tape)
-for teachers that still have their students make homemade cards for their dads

-a loving, patient, fun father-in-law
-how his son is much like him!
-being able to relax (a bit) on Father's Day
-his patience, love, wisdom, sense of humour and Godly role model that he is to his children
-older cousins playing with younger cousins
-enjoying the outdoors

-her crazy, wild dance moves!!  and how she gets us all laughing!

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Heather said...

Love that Scripture. Thinking of your dad too. So glad your kiddos have another great grandpa in their lives :)