Monday, May 13, 2013

One Thousand Gifts (Continued)

"Children's children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children" (Proverbs 17:6).

Honouring Mothers...

As we celebrated Mother's Day yesterday, I felt a lot of different emotions...

Grief- for the 3 babies that I will never be able to hold on this side of heaven

Empathy- for Deborah and her birth mother

Gratitude- for Deborah's birth mother and the many moms who made an adoption plan for their children

Anxiety-for waiting to hold our little boy and one day bring him home to his forever family

Happiness- for those who open their hearts and homes to be temporary moms to foster children; for first time moms; for anyone who's experienced the blessings through adoption

Sadness- for the mother of the 32 year old missing man and his wife and child; for those who have lost their mothers; for those who would like to be mothers and are unable

Thankfulness- for my mom and mother-in-law's health and love that they lavish on their children and grandchildren

JOY- for the overflowing blessings of being a mother to my lovely 4 children

I am so blessed to be a mom to these precious children.  I love them more than words could ever describe.

Continuing to give thanks...

-my loving mom- her smiles, love, hospitality, helping hands, her health and her deep faith
-my mother-in-law- her kindness, gentleness, love, generosity, her health and her deep faith
-unspoken words:  I said to Deborah how I felt blessed that she is my baby, and she lunged toward me to give me a gentle, loving hug
-being a mom!!!
-my four loving, fun, energetic, creative, loud children

-visiting with my lovely niece and her beautiful baby
-first time Moms!

 -how eager they were to meet and hold their second cousin

 -his big heart
 -his gentleness
-my brother-in-law's labour of love for his mother-in-law
-willing helpers
 -homemade cards (THE BEST!!)

 -how she googled homemade gifts for dads

 -his precious girls
 -homemade gifts (origami flower); how he wanted to make a flower because his dad grows flowers

-celebrating his birthday a day early
-going out to dinner as a family

 -enjoying the new birthday gift

 -together in the hammock??? I HAD to take a picture of that!
 -how she appreciates her landlord (and son-in-law)

 -how we've had such nice weather so far and were able to sell lots of flowers (before the cold front came)
-God's white sprinkles on the deck and evidence of His control over all things
-God's transcendence and immanence, and this reminder from our guest pastor


Heather said...

What a great post!
That is a lot of emotion surrounding Mother's Day, Anna. Wow, so much running through your mind and heart.
Happy Birthday, Paul!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, love all the photos! I was so happy when the 5 of you came to visit that afternoon. As always, I wish there was more time to spend together. Perhaps you'll have to come to PR with the whole family for a visit?

I love Nicole's homemade card & Curtis's origami flower. That's amazing!

We miss you & love you.